Atheist Comedy: Why the Meek SHOULDN’T Inherit the Earth!

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One Response to “Atheist Comedy: Why the Meek SHOULDN’T Inherit the Earth!”
  1. Erlingur Thorsteinsson says:

    Concerning Iceland supposed to be 0% religous? Well who told you so? I would say 99% of Icelanders are religious. About 93% Christian and even 98% using Icelandic Churches. Therefore I suggest if you are honest people delete that crap.

    Second it is correct to mention that it was in fact athiest that proved who is God, and also calculated End Time which is NOW.

    GOD is Jesus and the name of the person is D. Davidsson stuctural engineer who wanted to disprove the nonsense from the Pyramidologists. In fact, because he was reasonable and sensible, must change his opinion, who I realy doubt is the official case…..

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