Bryan Fischer Says America Needs “150 Million Phil Robertsons”

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Study finds that Carl Sagan presentation is better than Richard Dawkins when debating creationists

A Canadian study finds that taking a Carl Sagan presentation is better than a Richard Dawkins approach when debating creationists.

Conclusion: Injecting some philosophical context with your facts and anti-creationism arguments will be more successful than facts alone.


Excellent write-up on the study by Massimo Pigliucci

“The bottom line is that we now have some of the first experimental evidence that: a) coupling scientific accounts of the world with more philosophical reminders of where meaning in life comes from, and b) simply teaching science, are effective ways to alter people’s perception of the evolution-creation debate.”

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Judgment Day: Intelligent Design On Trial (NOVA)

A long and comprehensive documentary, dealing with the Dover turmoil around Intelligent Design and Evolution in the classroom. The effects of the Trial that followed, do not concern only Dover.

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