Atheist group erects billboard in Tupelo

Dan Barker (Houston Oasis)

FFRF’s Atheist in Foxhole Award (2015 National Convention)

TYT: Fear of Atheism explained

FFRF: School voucher ads (Wisconsin)

Park sign controversy in Jenison

The end of organised religion? Michael Nugent at TCD

Scott Clifton: An Atheist actor in Hollywood (FFRF’s 2014 National Convention)

Preceded by an introduction to the FFRF National Convention.

Jessica Ahlquist: Communicating Secular Ideas with the Religious (FFRF’s 2014 National Convention)

Voices of reason concert by Atheist United (FFRF’s 2014 National Convention)

Anthony Pinn: Writing God’s Obituary: How a Good Methodist Became a Better Atheist

YouWish Wishlist Builder

Erwin Chemerinsky: Champion of the First Amendment Presentation – The Vanishing Wall Separating Church and State

FFRF: Physicist Sean Carroll – Emperor Has No Clothes Award Acceptance Speech

Chris Johnson: “A better life: An exploration of joy and meaning in a world without god” (FFRF’s 2014 National Convention)

Donald C. Johanson – Emperor Has No Clothes Award Acceptance Speech, presents “What would Lucy do?”

FFRF: Introduction of Nothing Fails Like Prayer Awards (2014 National Convention)

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FFRF 2014 convention legal workshop

$3,000 of taxpayer’s money going to help baptist organisation (The Infidel 2014-11-28)

Today’s news:

* Coyne Flips
More info:

* Ooooo, What They Done Went and Did
More info:

* The Teachers Have Become the Students
More info:

FFRF’s new Freethought Hall time lapse video

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Pamphlet Showing bible sexually assaulting a woman to be given to high schoolers

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