Doubt and Denial as Challenges to, and in, Teaching Climate Change – Glenn Branch, NCSE

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Will State schools teach less religion? Michael Nugent on Newstalk

Catholic church says optional state religion course is a core subject

Satanic Temple promotes its After School Satan Clubs

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For Academic Freedom, Bread and Roses TV with Maryam Namazie and Fariborz Pooya

Aron Ra: Lecture Series (Tri-state Freethinkers)

Delta High School student questions school’s religious stance

Organised religion undermines science education, Bread and Roses TV

School bans Atheist scholarship, allows scientology scholarship

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Science class is for science, right? Think again

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Religious discrimination by Irish school patrons – Jane Donnelly

Dealing with controversy in the science classroom

Open proselytization at a public school in Missouri

MO public school principal admits to proselytizing students:

Pastor invades MO public school to pray with students

YouWish Wishlist Builder

‘Bring your bible to school day’ message from Folsom School District causes confusion (Sacramento, California)

New religion classes will not end discrimination: Michael Nugent on Newstalk

Secular student at a hyper-religious public school?

5. Catholic faith schools: Abortion & Atheism | Keziah Conroy [Ex catholic]

Michael Nugent calls for schools equality at Dublin march

Hidden camera: Jewish teacher seen pointing out English test answers to class

Schools Equality PACT can end religious discrimination – Michael Nugent on RTE

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